Introductory Training in RCM

Over several years we have delivered a large number of 3-day introductory courses in RCM for the MOD, suppliers to the MOD and to a range of industrial organisations.

This RCM training is now offered in a series of linked modules which build from RCM overview up to the requisite standard as shown in the diagram:


On-line (webinar) training for those modules marked with an asterisk* can be made available.

Intended end users:


All those involved with the derivation and support of defensible asset management policies. This module is the foundation of, and prerequisite for, all subsequent modules.

RCM Management  

Those ultimately responsible for setting asset management policies and/or for supporting the development of such policies.

RCM participant  

Those tasked with full-time support of RCM analyses both from a technical and user's point of view.

RCM auditor  

Those tasked with reviewing and/or auditing RCM analyses done by others.

RCM Facilitator  

Advanced training is provided over a ten-day period to those requiring an in-depth understanding of the RCM process for purposes of coordinating and running RCM analyses in conjunction with subject matter experts.

Technical Secretary  

RCM technical secretaries ensure that RCM analysis details are captured in the associated database. They need to be familiar with the RCM terminology and proficient with the associated software.

These modules are given by an RCM practitioner with experience gained over more than 160 differing RCM studies ranging from marine engineering (nuclear and conventional, off-shore, commercial), electronics (including radars, command systems, weapon systems, platform management systems), structures (including armoured fighting vehicles, aircraft structure and marine systems), facilities management systems (HVAC, material handling, craneage and robotics) and distributed systems (railway track, signalling and overhead line equipment) - gained within surface ship, submarine, waterfront support, aircraft, off-shore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, airport systems, medical radiology support and railway domains.

AR&M and RCM within the CADMID cycle

In collaboration with others we have recently developed a 1-day course in which the elements of Availability, Reliability and Maintainability are combined with the RCM process to support the R&M Case during procurement of military equipments within the CADMID cycle.


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